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See what others are saying about Millennium Martial Arts Karate Classes

Carol-Ann S. Avatar

Everyone there is a role model for all the kids to look up to and the classes also teach respect.

Carol-Ann S.
Viktoria P. Avatar

Fantastic, knowledgeable, caring staff. It's obvious that Mike, Terri and everyone I have met at Millenium Martial Arts live up... read more

Viktoria P.
Linda K. Avatar

I am truly amazed how much my 5 year old has learned and how much he enjoys the classes.

Linda K.

“…Honestly, they are amazing with the little ones!”


“…My son has been there for 3 years now and loves it…With their nurturing, accepting and fun ways they have built his confidence beyond measure. They are a local, family run business and make their dojo feel like a family. I am a teacher and have crazy high expectations – MMA is the only place! Their Little Dragons program for 4 year olds is fabulous. Sensei Teri and Renshi Mike are great with the kids and keep the parents watching cracking up!”


“…I highly recommended Millennium Martial Arts for any child or adult who is interested in karate. My son has been  a student since kindergarten, he is now in 5th grade and not only is he learning fine martial arts but he has also learned how to focus better, have discipline and respect for others. The instructors have gone far and beyond to teach and help my son, they have all dedicated themselves to my child’s success not only in martial arts but in everyday life. They also have some family oriented extra activities like a movie night and the Dojo Olympics picnic which is great fun for the kids and families.”


“…This is THE place for your child to begin karate. The instructors here have made MMA not a business but a welcoming family for each child and their families.  While challenging “typically developing” students they also have experience in dealing with and compassion for children with special needs (my son has over responsive sensory issues) and  allowing them reasonable accommodations while holding them accountable for no less than what they are capable of, which will surprise you! In addition, the children (and parents!) learn self control, respect, self worth and a host of other skills that go above and beyond anything I have seen in any organized sport my kids have been involved in.  I have said before that those who teach karate at MMA are  not only teachers of karate but teachers of life and I mean that from the bottom of my heart!”


“…I just wanted you to know that she is so happy when she comes home from karate. She said she loves going there and it is amazing!”

Mother of 11 year old girl

Parents’ thoughts on why their children never latched on to other sports or activities until they found Karate at Millennium Martial Arts:

“…I believe that the differentiated and individualized instructional approach at MMA fosters a supportive environment that is just not possible with other organized team sports. The one on one instruction teaches respect, patience, and genuine caring between the instructor and student which carries over to teamwork activities within and ultimately outside of the Dojo. Children learn best through the integration of disciplines. The integrated method of teaching respect, listening skills, social/emotional skills and conflict resolution through physical activity and the beautiful art of karate is beneficial for many children, especially those on the spectrum who may not ordinarily succeed in other sports. The day my son said, “Mom, I really like the instructors at karate – they make me feel safe.” was one I will never forget and a turning point in his life.”

“…Well, I asked my daughter why she is so happy when she comes home from karate and she told me a few things. First she said she feels good because her body and mind exercised and second that as soon as she walks in the dojo feels “familiar” to her!”

“…Lessons taught at the dojo go far beyond karate”

Mother of 7 and 5 year old boys

Discipline and Leadership Builds Character

Our structured karate classes, combined with patient guidance by instructors that “walk the walk”, cultivate a sense of accomplishment and pride in self-improvement. Teamwork and perseverance is stressed over competitiveness.

Karate Students Practicing Sticks Kobudo
Teens and Adults Karate for Fitness

Get Stronger, Faster & SAFER

Nothing beats the feeling of getting stronger and more confident. Our classes are designed for all fitness levels and require no experience in any self defense discipline. After just a few classes, the magic of the martial arts will take hold and  you will see skills emerge that will help you defend yourself while getting more flexible, agile and strong.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to join, and do I have to sign a contract?

Millennium Martial Arts offers a variety of flexible membership plans designed to fit your budget, schedule, and goals. You are not locked into any long term contract – in fact, there are no contracts at all.

You can change or end your membership at any time with only 5 business days notice and there is never a penalty or termination fee. We do not have any registration fees to enroll in the school. We do not charge belt test fees and there are no Organization or Association fees.

Included with every new karate membership:

  • free karate uniform (traditional gi)
  • belt
  • dojo tshirt
  • unlimited classes.

Will Karate make my child violent?

Training in the Martial Arts at any reputable dojo will NOT teach your child to become violent. On the contrary, traditional Martial Arts Classes such as the Karate that is taught at Millennium Martial Arts teaches peaceful resolution to stressful situations, anti-bullying techniques and other methods of diffusing confrontations before they become physical. Students are taught that the physical skills learned through their martial arts training are ONLY to be used as a last resort and ONLY in the defense of oneself or someone that needs their protection.

Am I too old to start karate?

Karate is an excellent mental and physical exercise for people of all ages. Students can simply do what they are able to do given their own physical condition and abilities. There is no pressure to go beyond what you can safely achieve. You will improve your strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, and self confidence through your participation in karate training at Millennium Martial Arts. If you can’t kick high, don’t worry…you will learn to kick low really well!

Do I have to fight?

To many students, sparring is an important part of their training, however it is not mandatory. Nobody will be pressured to spar if they are not comfortable with doing so. When we do spar, we wear protective gear that reduces the chance of injury.

How long does it take to earn a Black Belt?

Each student will progress at their own rate. While achieving new rank is an exciting part of martial arts training, we are not a “black belt factory” and do not promote students to their next level unless they have earned it by demonstrating proficiency consistent with their age and individual ability. The rate at which you will progress depends largely on how many classes you attend, and how much you practice. Rarely does anyone achieve a Black Belt in less than three years. We stress that the goal is to learn…the belts will come with time.

Will Karate help me and/or my child reduce stress and anxiety?

Martial Arts training will help you to leave the stress of the day behind you while you train. You will develop a strong mind, increased confidence, and improved physical well being  that will arm you against your daily battle with stress.

Does Karate really help children focus?

Attention to detail, concentration and repetition are integral to the way our classes are taught. Your child will learn quickly that the key to advancing to the next rank/belt depends largely on their level of focus…and that will encourage them to pay close attention. This will translate to all areas of life including academics.

Many articles have been written that suggest Martial Arts training is a great way of helping children focus. Additionally many of our members’ parents have been guided by their school guidance counselors or other advisors that Martial Arts training could be beneficial to their children. Millennium Martial Arts is very proud of the numerous successes that we have had with children that have various levels of attention span including those diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, Autism, PDD, and other disorders such as those associated with anxiety, visual and/or auditory processing.

Kids Martial Arts

With several decades of teaching kids, we have learned how to carve out a path for success  – especially for kids that have not experienced it in other activities. We have the right formula of high energy physical activity, technical training, and life lessons that keep kids engaged and focused on progressing. Our patient instructors, teaching the ancient traditions of peaceful strategies and strong life protection skills, help build strong and confident citizens.


Kids Karate Ages 3+
Teens and Adults Karate Martial Arts Self-Defense

Teen & Adult Martial Arts

With an emphasis on self-defense, also known as life protection, our Teen & Adult Self Defense Program builds self-confidence and fitness in the form of cardio, flexibility and agility. Energy levels and focus will increase. Beginners can rest assured that the curriculum is designed to be for EVERY fitness level. We assume that new students have zero martial arts experience and need to ramp up physical activity. You got this.


For anyone who wants a fantastic experience training in Martial Arts classes…

Come check out Okinawan Ryukyu Kempo Karate and Kobudo Classes for kids, teens, and adults in our nearby Smithtown Karate school. We are passionate about sharing our art and it would be an honor to be given the chance to help you achieve your martial arts goals.

The instructors and staff that teach Karate classes in our Smithtown Martial Arts school are dedicated to creating a friendly and welcoming learning environment for Adults and Children of all ages (our Little Dragons program is for ages 3-6). There is a spirit of cooperation and encouragement in the dojo that makes people of all shapes, sizes and skill levels comfortable. There is a common goal for everyone to succeed and progress at their own pace.

We offer numerous Martial Arts classes 7 days a week to allow you to maximize your membership and fit training time into your schedule.

Our innovative martial arts classes teach self-defense and traditional karate to Children & Adults at Millennium Martial Arts in Smithtown. Classes are fun, promote fitness, and provide excitement for the family.

In the 25+ years that we have been teaching Martial Arts in Commack and Smithtown, we have developed many innovative drills and teaching methods that make our Karate classes an exciting, fun, and enriching experience.

Our facility is clean, bright and immaculately maintained with a large open floor space for our karate classes. There is plenty of space to work out and train safely.

Our instructors and students practice the concepts of Bushido – positive attitudes, honor, integrity, humbleness, courage, respect, and discipline.

Our goal is to preserve the traditions of Okinawan Karate-Do and provide an atmosphere that is safe for our students to train responsibly in a very effective self-defense focused martial art. It is of the utmost importance to us that our students learn how to effectively protect themselves using practical life protection (self-defense) skills.

We look forward to helping you decide if our classes meet the goals you have set for yourself or your child. Please browse our site and learn about our art, our flexible karate class schedule, what makes us different from other schools, and then I hope you will choose to try a “no risk” introductory program and begin your journey!

Whether you are looking for something personally challenging, or to give your child an amazing life experience, we look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Ryukyu Kempo Karate Classes Include…

  • Kata (otherwise known as Forms)
  • Practical Self-Defense techniques against weapons, individual and multiple attackers
  • Partner Drills
  • Open and Closed Hand Techniques, Elbow Striking
  • Kicking and Knee Techniques
  • Tuite & Kyoshu Jitsu (Grappling/Joint locks and Vital Point Targeting)
  • Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts Weapons (Kobudo)
  • Physical Fitness, Conditioning, and Stress Relief, Confidence, Balance, Stamina and much more!
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