Academic Achievement Awards

Academic Achievement Award - Gold Star

At Millennium Martial Arts, we believe that Karate is a whole life experience. The lessons learned in the dojo should transcend the curriculum requirements for belt promotions.  They should extend to the way we demonstrate respect for our family, friends, coworkers, teachers and to the diligence with which we perform the tasks at hand in all areas of life. It is with this in mind that we seek ways to reward our students for their extraordinary performance outside of the dojo.

Each month, we present students with Academic Achievement Awards based on their submitting evidence of scholastic achievement in their test scores, projects or contests. This can include work that demonstrates significant improvement in an area in which a student has been struggling. It can include perfect or near perfect grades for tests, projects, or contests. We will also gladly accept letters from teachers or other group leaders indicating that the student’s extra effort is admirable and worthy of recognition. We work with the parents to define what is considered Academic Achievement for each student based on their own individual situation. Gold Stars for their uniforms are awarded to the students each time they are recognized for their Academic Achievement.