Attendance + Practice = Success

Attendance_MattersAttendance on a regular basis matters. Soon after a student begins attending karate classes at Millennium Martial Arts habits begin forming that we refer to as “muscle memory.” Less thought has to be put into every hand position, each stance, every move. The “flinch response” begins to react in a more meaningful way to put the student into a protective posture. The Japanese term for this is mushin or “no mind” and is developed through attendance and practice. This state of response is important to the development of the martial artist much as the ability for an artist’s hands to work their tools, or a musician to play their instrument with fluidity.

Attendance is an Ingredient for Success

The key ingredients to success in the martial arts are attendance and repetitive practice. The ability to apply techniques properly comes from many trials and errors, working with people of different sizes and shapes, those that are bigger and smaller, and having these techniques performed on you as well. Once learned, the true martial artist continues on a lifelong quest to seek perfection in their techniques, kata and its associated bunkai or “understanding.” Karate, like most other arts is “perishable” in that it will become less fluid and naturally responsive if attendance and/or practice wanes.

It is with this in mind that Millennium Martial Arts developed our schedule and membership plans to provide students with many classes they can attend each week without having to commit up front to a certain group of days, or a limited number. Attending more classes per week will not cost you more on our unlimited membership plans. Quite the contrary, your membership will be more valuable since your cost per class will go down…but far more importantly to us, our students will be more successful. They will be better adjusted to their material, will develop stronger relationships with their instructors and fellow students and consider the dojo an important place – the home of their martial arts family.