Fitness Through Martial Arts

When people think of Martial Arts, they often associate the training with providing a foundation for self-defense, or life protection as we often refer to it, and also with physical fitness. This can also be an intimidating factor for those of us that are not born athletes. Millennium Martial Arts programs all include physical fitness activities and drills designed to increase strength, balance, and agility, however we recognize that every class should be challenging at each person’s current level of fitness and ability. Ramping up is common for all ages up to and including our adult programs and we are not in a rush to get anyone doing anything which may make them uncomfortable.

Fitness through Martial Arts takes time and patience. Martial Arts training is not a “just add water” thing. If your goal is to lose weight, it will come with regular practice and attendance, not in the first week. If you want to do 50 good pushups, set the goal, and start with 5 good ones…the other 45 will come. If your goal for your child with low muscle tone is to improve that through martial arts drills, it will come, but not on day 1. Patience and perseverance (Japanese = nintai) are two of the most important tenets of Martial Arts Training.

As your training progresses, you will be amazed at the things that you or your children are capable of doing – things that seemed impossible just a few short weeks, or months ago.