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Karate Classes for Children are a launch pad for being disciplined, focussed, confident, and physically fit.

Kids learn critical social skills and strategies that help them SUCCEED among their peers.

We have tons of classes 🙂


Karate Front Kick Kids Martial Arts

Real Self-Defense … that’s fun to learn!

Fun, Practical & Enriching 

At Millennium Martial Arts we take great pride in all of our karate classes for children.

Students ranging in age from Pre-School to High School have proven time and time again that our martial arts programs are complementary to school, sports, and interpersonal relationships. Our karate classes for children are exciting, action packed lessons that provide a practical self-defense education that includes a ton of fun!


We know that parenting can be challenging…and having a community working alongside you with aligned goals can be really beneficial.

Over the years we have encountered so many different personalities, strengths, weaknesses, learning and sensory issues, social difficulties and more. Our lessons are designed to address many of these issues over time so that the students learn to capitalize on their strengths and find new ones while developing strategies to overcome their weaknesses.

Karate Class Lined Up in Full Uniform
Kids are all Different

Kids are not all the same…

  • There are many kids that seem to have it all together and are looking to apply their athleticism or interest in martial arts to learning the traditional self-defense system of Okinawan Karate…

    But other kids need some help…and that’s where we can also be of service.
  • Shyness, low self esteem, lack of courage are some of the things parents tell us is preventing their kids from sharing their great personalities and awesomeness with their peers.
  • Some kids have a hard time finding their niche. Team sports may not interest them yet or they don’t have common interests with other kids their age.
  • Other kids need something that can get their attention so that they learn new strategies for focussing and increasing their attention span.
  • Many kids spend a lot of time and mental energy in front of screens playing video games and not enough time in physical activities. Like video games, Karate gives them an outlet for that mental and physical energy,  lets them earn levels (belts) and advance…but in a social setting with real people.

Our Karate Classes for Children include way more than punching and kicking…

  • HIGH ENERGY and FUN activities designed to build the strength, balance, and coordination necessary to excel in the Martial Arts and other sports.

  • Life Lessons based on the Guiding Principles and Dojo Kun (rules) such as the importance of honesty, perseverance, community spirit, respect, and a peaceful approach to others. Parents of our students have referred to us as “Teachers Of Life.”

  • Training includes handling stressful situations, situational awareness, stranger danger and anti-bullying techniques.

  • Certified Black Belts provide expert training in traditional karate forms, techniques, and self-defense methods.

  • A community spirit where students not only make many lifelong friends, but also learn how to help one another succeed, be patient with those that need help, develop charitable ideals, and work with others to achieve common goals.


Rosalina B. Avatar
I had my son’s 5th birthday party and it was everything he wanted and so much more! High energy friendly instructors, great activities for his “Ninja” themed party, and every little detail was taken care of.
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Rosalina B. 4/03/2019
Kerry K. Avatar
This is a great karate dojo. My daughter has had a great experience there. She’s been going for 9 years.
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Kerry K. 1/16/2023
Kim M. Avatar
My son has been going to Millenium for 2 years now and If I could take him every day he would go! I've seen such a difference in him as far his maturity, patience, self control and his ability to focus. The staff is so great with all the kids and really take their time to address each student's individual needs. I would definitely recommend this program to any parent looking to get their child involved in martial arts.
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Kim M. 2/18/2020
Karate Ground and Pound Girl Punching

A Culture of Patience and Growth

Like anything worth doing, Martial Arts is not a “just add water” solution. It’s a marathon…not a sprint. At Millennium we have a culture of patience. Patience in teaching, patience in learning. We encourage our students to work hard and be diligent about details as they chase their goals in and out of the dojo.

Rather than just handing out new belts every couple of months as a participation trophy, we have a robust testing process that ensures that each student is proficient in the skills necessary to advance. 

You will watch as they grow and develop martial arts and interpersonal skills and, perhaps more importantly, they will know that they EARNED everything because of their skills. 

Discipline and Leadership Skills

Karate lessons at Millennium are structured to include traditional martial arts customs and protocols…in short, a certain way of doing things. The effect that this has on our students is that they become disciplined while they have fun learning martial arts…after all, punching and kicking and learning how to do amazing things is a blast!

Over time, students gain a strong sense of self, their abilities, their strengths and weaknesses. Your child will gain confidence in their knowledge and they will begin to help others in their class learn as well. The community spirit that we foster develops leadership skills.

Teen Partners Working on Self-Defense

Self-Defense Takes Many Forms

Learning to recognize dangerous situations and how to respond to them is an essential part of the training at Millennium Martial Arts. Students are taught how to be aware of their environment, to understand threatening body language, how to distance themselves from threats and how to react appropriately to them.

Our students are taught that using their martial arts life protection skills outside the dojo is the last resort and we hope our students will always find alternatives such as seeking help from parents, teachers, and coaches. Through their training in martial arts our students are taught de-escalating strategies so that they avoid conflict knowing that they have the tools at their disposal to protect themselves if they have no other choice.

Fitness vs. Screen Time

Kids don’t spend as much time engaged in physical activity as they did years ago. Screen time, social media, gaming are all addictive distractions from activities that promote physical fitness, agility, flexibility and balance.

Using an arsenal containing hundreds of drills, challenging obstacles, weights, and yes, even traditional calisthenics, combined with the footwork, kicking and striking techniques contained in the art of karate, our students develop strong bodies. Over time, they accomplish amazing physical feats that inspire them to become even stronger and take their physical fitness to the next level. Additionally, the physical fitness benefits of training in martial arts translates to other sports where many of our students excel and attribute their success, in part, to their experience in the dojo.

Teen Karate Fitness Jumping for Strength and Agility
Little Dragons Karate Ages 3-6

Little Dragons (ages 3-6)…Real Karate That’s Fun & Enriching

Millennium Martial Arts has been teaching and refining our pre-school (ages 3-6) Little Dragons Karate program for over 20 years. With a student to teacher ratio of approximately 5:1, we provide an innovative, enriching, high energy, and of course, fun environment for these young students.

The curriculum is designed to capture their imaginations while increasing their focus and attention span, ability to retain and recall details, improve balance, agility, all while learning skills that will help them to advance into the next level of our kids karate program when they are ready. Many of our students start here and become Black Belts and even instructors before they leave High School!

Children of All Ages 

No matter how old your kids are, it’s the right time to get them started! Karate Classes for Children begin in our Little Dragons Program (3-6) and graduate into our Levels Program (6-12) and then onward to our Teens & Adults Program (13+).

With each stage they are further challenged and gain new insight into the ancient art we teach. Along the way, physical strength improves, confidence in the self-defense skills increases, and leaders emerge!

Karate For Kids of All Ages

Our Flexible Schedule Makes it Easy To Attend Up To 7 Classes A Week!

The Millennium Martial Arts Karate Classes for Children Schedule is designed to provide great flexibility for our students to attend multiple classes per week. Students do not have to commit in advance to particular days, but rather are encouraged to come as often as they can. In fact, our unlimited attendance membership plans are designed just for that reason. 

We have an excellent track record (over 20 years) of working with children to improve their ability to pay attention, to recall facts and sequences, and of course increase strength, physical balance, stamina and coordination. We are particularly proud of the successes we have had, and continue to have, with children who come to us with a variety of issues related to Auditory Processing Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorders (ADHD), Autism Spectrum, Asperger Syndrome, those with poor muscle tone and/or in need of a complement to Occupational Therapy.

We invite you to come in and observe any of our karate classes for children. Talk with our instructors or the parents of our students and learn more about how we approach teaching children of all ages and capabilities.

Parents & Grandparents LOVE Watching Class

You are able to observe all of the classes in the same room with the students and enjoy watching them develop skills right before your eyes. In a short time, you will observe your children performing karate moves that were nearly impossible for them just a few short weeks ago. You will watch the children begin reciting phrases in Japanese and alternate between laughing and beaming with pride over their new achievements.

Infused into our curriculum are drills that incorporate other tenets of Karate that are important to everyday life such as respect and courtesy to others, honesty, the value of perseverance, how to react to bullying, situational awareness and dealing with challenging situations. All of these life skills are readily transferable home and school and will contribute to their social success while creating a foundation for leadership ability.

Join At Any Time And Come As Often As You Can!

We have an open enrollment and start new students on a first come, first served basis. Feel free to visit us to observe a class, meet our instructors or speak with any of our students’ parents. Once you decide to join, we encourage you to bring your child at least two times per week if possible (3 or 4 is even better!) as that increases the retention of material, confidence, and quality of the relationships with fellow students and teachers.

Parents Commonly Ask Us…(FAQs)

When does the program start?

All of our programs are open enrollment, which means that your child can start at any time of the year. Once you choose to get started we will work with you to select a perfect day to start that fits into your schedule. There are always beginners in our classes!

My child has never done martial arts before - will they be behind the others?

Almost all students join our school with little to no experience. Beginners are welcomed and are a vital part of our community. Humbleness is a trait we cultivate in our students and new students remind us of what it was like to begin our own journeys…the excitement to learn, the fear of the unknown, and earning your first belts!

Of course there are exceptions. Sometimes students have tried other schools that were not a good fit for them, or they were enrolled in a school but recently moved to our area and want to resume their training.

How do the students advance and measure progress?

Like many martial arts, we use a Belt and Striping System to indicate proficiency and skill level. Students start as White Belts and work their way through the ranks by learning  various techniques and sequences. As they become proficient in the requirements listed for their belt level, they can elect to test for their next rank.

Testing occurs approximately 4-5 times per year.

Do the students advance in rank after a certain number of classes?

Class attendance is critical to success in the martial arts just as it is in school, or any other activity that requires repetition such as music lessons or dance. While we do check that a student has attended a certain number of classes between tests, that is not in and of itself how promotions are earned. Demonstrating proficiency that is both belt rank and age appropriate is required not only during classes, but at the formal test.

Our testing procedures are very unique and we are unaware of any other school anywhere testing like we do it. Make no mistake, it is a real test, graded by a panel of Black Belts. Following the test, students will receive a detailed report card with copiously taken notes about what they did well and perhaps more importantly what they need to work on in future classes as they prepare for their next test. In effect, a To Do list for their next belt test.

Do we need to buy a uniform or any other gear to get started?

As part of your first month’s membership you will receive a traditional karate uniform or “gi” that consists of jacket, pants, and belt. You will also choose a t-shirt from one of our many designs. You will NOT be charged extra for this…it is all included.

There are no other equipment requirements to get started!