One of the character traits that often develops with continued training in the Martial Arts is leadership. At Millennium Martial Arts, we are proud of the leaders that our students become right before our eyes, and in many cases, unbeknownst to themselves.  We often watch young children assume control of organizing a group of newer students. We observe the more advanced students volunteering to assist someone struggling with requirements during our Open Floor practice sessions. Rank and experience often transcend age and we have seen adults requesting help from much younger, but more experienced students. As students progress through the ranks, the day-to-day experiences in class expose them to performing in front of people on a regular basis. We regularly cultivate and develop these skills by asking our young leaders to assist with warming up classes, organizing drills, and helping with dojo events.

This type of leadership building is organic. Through self-confidence and relationship building respect is earned by those around our students and they gain trust with one another that allows them to lead, and cooperate. This is a priceless result of training with us at Millennium Martial Arts in our Smithtown Karate Dojo.

Our young adult students often assist in classes as they advance in rank. In addition to becoming leaders and mentors, they learn to work collaboratively, set goals, practice team building and develop organizational skills.