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Teens and Adults Karate Classes are thought provoking, educational, active, confidence building…and fun for all ages, experience, and fitness levels.

We have tons of classes 🙂


Teens and Adults Class Self Defense

Knowing how to protect yourself has never been more important.

Martial Arts Classes for teens and adults are geared toward practical self-defense and developing a healthy body through physical training.

You will have a BLAST learning how to protect yourself.

Teens are at a vulnerable stage of their lives.

This is the perfect time of their life to learn self-defense as many will be gaining more independence, encountering situations out in the “real world” without adult supervision, and possibly even going away to school, joining the military, or other adventures.

Through karate lessons at Millennium Martial Arts, they will learn how to be aware of their surroundings and prepared to defend themselves if necessary all while being surrounded by positive role models in a socially engaging and welcoming environment.

Karate Lessons for ALL Ages and Fitness Levels

Adult men and women of any age benefit from Martial Arts training in many of the same ways as children. Many of our adult karate students started training in their 30s, 40s, and 50s…you are never too old to try. Come down and give it a try and you will see that our friendly, welcoming dojo is a fantastic place to begin your martial arts journey.

And best of all, you are going to have FUN doing it with us!


Gianna S. Avatar
My Millenium Martial Arts & Fitness experience was great! I took a self defense class, which was not only useful but very fun!
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Gianna S. 5/02/2021
Linda K. Avatar
I am truly amazed how much my 5 year old has learned and how much he enjoys the classes.
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Linda K. 7/17/2015
Bussiiness S. Avatar
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Experience how Martial Arts can help you overcome many of life’s challenges

Tools to Defend Yourself

We live in a world where having to defend ourselves or our loved ones is a potential reality. Not knowing how to do so can be stressful and frightening. Learn strategies and tactics that will empower you  to have the confidence  and skills to defend your loved ones.


The daily grind can become mundane. Get up, go to work, come home, repeat. Break up the day with something completely different that will excite you as you learn more and more with each lesson.

Time Passing You By

Maybe you feel like you have reached a plateau…that things are always the same and you are not getting anywhere. Martial Arts lessons can put you on a path to reach new levels of fitness, self-esteem, and direction.

Quality Family Time

Finding ways to stay connected with your kids as they get older can become increasingly difficult. Karate is a great way to find common ground with family members. If your kids are already enrolled, they will be learning essentially the same material as you…a great opportunity to bond and learn together!

Your Time is Valuable

Staying fit, both mentally andf physically gets harder as time flies by. Working out in a gym or at home can get boring. Progress can be difficult to measure, and that can add, not reduce stress. Karate is an exciting and challenging way to improve your health, fitness, strength, flexibility and reduce stress with measurable goals.

Teens & Adults often want to know…(FAQs)

Can I start at any time?

All of our programs are open enrollment, which means that you child can start at any time of the year. Once you choose to get started we will work with you to choose a perfect day to start that fits into your schedule. There are always beginners in our classes!

I have never done martial arts before - can I catch up with the others?

Almost all students join our school with little to no experience. Beginners are welcomed and are a vital part of our community. Humbleness is a trait we cultivate in our students and new students remind us of what it was like to begin our own journeys…the excitement to learn, the fear of the unknown, and earning your first belts!

Of course there are exceptions. Sometimes students have tried other schools that were not a good fit for them, or they were enrolled in a school but recently moved to our area and want to resume their training. Catching up is not an issue since this is a personal journey that happens at YOUR PACE.

I am concerned about my fitness level - don’t you have to be in top shape to train in the martial arts?

People of all ages, fitness levels, or experience ( or lack thereof) will benefit from martial arts classes. Our instructors will help you work around previous injuries, physicial limitations and even fears…at your own pace. Over time many of these will dissipate as your confidence and stregth improves.

Will I also get in shape and lose weight by taking martial arts lessons?

Every class has an element of stretching, agility, strength, and even cardio training. In a very short time (usually measured in just a couple of weeks) you will notice more energy, more bounce in your step, and a general feeling of getting stronger. Very often when linked up to other good habits that tend to develop when engaging in physical activity, such as better eating habits, you will start to see your body shape improving in the form of reduced weight and increased muscle.

How many classes should I attend each week?

Your membership entitles you to come to class as many times each week as you can. You will find that coming at least twice or more per week will result in the physical changes (strength, agility, increased energy and stamina) as well as the development of martial arts skills. So, while we don’t require you to attend a certain number of times per week, we definitely believe that more is better…so come to class and train!

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