• Self Defense Workshops and Classes


Everyone should learn to protect themselves.

Many people enroll in a Self-Defense Course after they have ALREADY been a victim in a violent encounter!

Don’t Wait…be among those that PREPARE.


No Experience Required
Our 3-Hour Course in Women’s Self-Defense is designed to introduce the concepts of protecting oneself from being the victim of violence.

This is NOT a lecture – it is an active participation workshop where you will learn and practice techniques so that you gain strong foundational skills and strategies and can become proficient with them. This is not a physical fitness course – anyone at any level of fitness can, and SHOULD participate.


Self Defense Class Elbow Strikes

Bring a Friend

Great for mothers and daughters, students going away to college, planning to travel abroad, or anyone in a profession that interacts with the public such as visiting nurses, physical therapists, process servers, etc.

This is a course designed for men, women, teenagers, all fitness levels…everyone will benefit!


Keep it Simple
Gain the confidence that will help you identify and deal with violent threats. Simple, yet effective techniques that you will remember and can practice on your own!


Learn How to Escape from a Rear Grab

By the end of the course you will have learned…

  • simple, yet effective, striking and kicking techniques using your hands, feet, elbows, knees

  • how to generate power and target vulnerable points on an attacker

  • simple weapon disarms

  • how to use weapons of opportunity including everyday items that you are likely to carry with you

  • how to respond in stressful situations and to have greater situational awareness

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often are the 3-Hour Self Defense Workshops offered?

We schedule public workshops approximately 8-10 times per year and have been increasing that number each year to meet demand.

When are private or semi-private workshops scheduled?

We will work with you to find a time that works for you and your group. These are often scheduled in the afternoons on the weekends when most people are able to set aside the time. Daytime hours during the week are also available for corporate groups or people whose work/school schedule affords them that availability,

I have never taken a self defense course before...will I be able to keep up?

Our 3-Hour Self-Defense workshop is designed for those with zero experience. No experience is required or expected.

I am not sure if I am physically fit enough to take a self-defense course...am I?

This is not a fitness class. While we will be learning how to punch and kick (and other techniques), we are not going to be working up a huge sweat. Don’t worry…you will be fine.

You have choices 🙂 

  • You can decide to enroll in one of our publicly scheduled classes above
  • or, you can create your own Semi-Private Workshop with a group of 4 or more friends.
    Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more.
  • or, schedule a Private One-On-One session(s)


We are conveniently located in Smithtown within a short driving distance from Commack, Hauppauge, Kings Park, Deer Park and Dix Hills.